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Little About Us

Fun with family, friends and co-workers. We have it with music and a message. is a free online radio station founded on the idea that life has meaning and people want to hear about that meaning. seeks to engage listeners through contemporary spiritually focused music with current artists like Andy Grammer, TobyMac, Jamie Grace, John Legend and more. Plus a variety of socially engaging topics and spiritual thoughts.  We provide curated listening experiences for spiritually minded individuals on the go, listening at home or engaging in the workplace. We invite you to listen.

Weekday Lineup

Power up your mornings with Heather Robbins. 

Heather is Happily married and a mother of three. She has been in broadcasting since she was fifteen.  Her first show; Heather's High School Highlights, featured positive news of local high schools and students. Her show received the "Golden Mike award" for the best radio program in the nation. Previous winners such as Lucille Ball inspired her to use humor as a way to approach everyday's challenges.  Heather and her husband's family motto is 'Balance' every area of life is key. She loves sharing her mornings with you! - as she says "We will get through this together!......well, as long as we have coffee." 

Jim Barnes for your mid day. 

From inspiratonal quotes to the "Kind of Sort of, but not really, impossible question of the day," Jim keeps you entertained and informed to help get you through the mid day mayhem. His favorite artists range from Andy Grammer to Nabil and NeedToBreathe, from Adele to MJ Cyr and Jamie Grace. And he plays them all to get you through that middle part of your day. 

Todd Michaels late afternoons. 

Todd's favorite food is pizza. He often eats and brings you the best music from the eighties to today. Along with his "Something you didn't know, you didn't know," he inspires you with interesting facts and features to fill out your workday.

Our Programs

We are always looking for ways for you to be living well. Pam Smith is a national nutritionist, energy coach, sports and culinary consultant. She brings us winning healthy tips for our wellness. Hear living well throughout the day.
Integrity Moments are our daily 60 second broadcast to give you powerful, practical, and positive principles you can apply in your workplace. Listen throughout the day for Integrity moments with Rick Boxx.
Explore the concept of hope with this nationally-syndicated, inspirational commentary. Delivered from a grace-filled, Christian perspective. Mark Smeby is an author, musicain and speaker who travels the country sharing the message of hope through words and music.
Biographical interviews of people who have either chosen the Bahá'í Faith as a way of life or who have a relationship with the Bahá'í Faith. Weeknights at 10 (Et).
Rainn has conducted a series of podcast interviews with friends, from all over the world. Rainn and His guest talk about their hearts and minds and souls, their spiritual journeys, what they’re interested in, and what makes them tick. Join Rainn Wilson Saturday nights at 8.

Coming Soon

Book Readings

In an effort to inform you on some of the most pressing questions of faith and life, we will bring you readings of books on Faith, health and wellness. 

Weekend Shows

Super Seventies Saturday Night

Considered to be the best decade for music, in history. With artists like Paul McCartney...Fleetwood Mac...Hall and Oates and one hit wonders too. Enjoy yourself Saturday nights at 9.

Morning Cup

It's your favorite artist doing their music in a different way. From Katy Perry to Bon Jovi and more, hear the difference Sunday mornings starting at 6 with the morning cup.