Books that Make You: Miracles

Books that Make You: Miracles

This Sunday night it is an eye-opening interview on Books That Make You. Talking about a book that will teach you how to step back, examine important moments in your life, and recognize the miracles that are constantly occurring all around you.

As part of their own spiritual quest, miracle experts, Katie Mahon and Joan Luise Hill, discovered that when we are truly awake and present, miracles abound. It started by sharing their own stories which quickly prompted an unexpected outpouring of stories from others. Stories that had never been told, stories that didn’t seem to matter, and stories that had been forgotten. While some defy explanation, others invite us to take a closer look, to discover common ground with each other, and to seek meaning in a whole new way.

The stories of courage, forgiveness, gratitude, faith, hope, and love from The Miracle Collectors, allow us to notice and appreciate the miracles that are available to each one of us, while opening us up to a part of the Divine mystery we can absorb and understand.

Katie and Joan join Books That Make You host Desiree Duffy this Sunday night April 11th at 8 or 11 eastern time. The will discuss the Miracle Moment challenge that could open the path for your own reawakening of the spirit. Perhaps you too will become a miracle collector.