A Cautionary Tale: Who will pick up the Torch?

A Cautionary Tale: Who will pick up the Torch?

These are some very difficult times. In late 2019 well before the pandemic, the United States entered a recession, clearly made worse by the virus. As the recession got worse causing congress to send money to Americans twice, and maybe there will be a third time soon, at the end numbers show that there are less people employed today then four years ago. And the darkness of the day of insurrection will be tattooed on many people’s minds, maybe even for the rest of their lives. Regardless on what side of the line you fall, there is a cautionary tale in all this.

Years ago I read a book called “God Loves Laughter.” It was written by William Sears. It is a hilarious true story of a poor boy from the midwest who became one of America’s top flight TV stars. Through all the laughter, and it is uproarious at times, there is an underlying serious note. This book has nothing to do with politics; it is about a vision of a young boy, that came from his sleeping dreams which in the end came true and brought him long sought spiritual assurance. It is the combination of light hearted stories and deep spiritual truths. It might be worth the read in these troubling times.

A Cautionary Tale: Who will pick up the Torch? In this wonderful book there is a story that I think rings true for these times. It is related to William by his beloved grandfather. One day he sat down his grandson and told him this tale.

“Once upon a time there was this little boy with his family and friends lost in the valley darkness. Then, quite by accident, he found a flashlight. When he switched on the light of the torch everybody in the dark valley saw it and came hurrying towards it. With his light, the little boy began to lead the people out of the valley of darkness and up the path of the mountainside. First a hundred followed him, then a thousand, then tens of thousands. Every time he looked back there were more people behind him. The more people he saw, the more pleased he became with himself and the fine work he was doing. He kept looking back more frequently to see how many he was leading out of the darkness. How proud he was that so many people were following him. He stumbled and dropped the torch, which was scooped up by someone behind him. The crowd trampled over him and left him behind in the dust as they swept on up the hill. They had not been following him at all. It was the light they were following, and without it he was left in the darkness.”

As we look back at the insurrection it will be important to look at who picked up the torch.