Books That Make You: An Ambassador

Books That Make You: An Ambassador

Host Desiree Duffy and her guest Ambassador Thomas Armbruster who is a field guy, a diplomatic foot soldier. He served overseas for 20 years and has the experience to tell future ambassadors what to expect. Global problems require global solutions and international institutions. America has led in so many ways on the global stage since World War Two. There is a lot of good work to be done and only by including all Americans in diplomacy can we advance further. This book is a call to service and adventure.

Armbruster served as Ambassador to the Republic of the Marshall Islands from August 2012 to May 2016. Since leaving the Foreign Service, he has worked as an international consultant and led inspections to Colombia; Denmark, Chad, Mauritania and the South and Central Asia bureau. Overseas postings include Vladivostok, Russia; Dushanbe, Tajikistan; Nuevo Laredo, Mexico; Moscow, Russia; Havana, Cuba and Helsinki, Finland.? Domestic assignments include Diplomat in Residence at City College in New York City and Polar Affairs Officer in Washington, DC.

Armbruster?was the Chief U.S. Negotiator for an emergency response treaty with Russia and led trade and counternarcotics missions to Afghanistan.? He is fluent in Spanish and Russian.

Ambassador Armbruster is the only American diplomat to arrive in the (then) Soviet Union by kayak and is a private pilot and scuba diver. And egearly shares his experience this Sunday July 25 at 8 or 11 eastern time. On Books That Make You with host Desiree Duffy on