Books That Make You: Fly

Books That Make You: Fly

We’re talking about Books That Make You take a ride on a flying spirit horse. Or at least wish you could.

Books that reveal adventure, spirituality and myth, while also giving us a glimpse into other times and places are some of the most magical. This weeks guest writes such stories.

Laurel Anne Hill is the author of Plague of Flies. It is her latest book and in it a black Andalusian stallion who can fly through the sky without wings. It takes place in the western section of Mexican Alta California in 1846.

The term Plague of the Flies has its roots in the fourth Egyptian plague from the Old Testament Exodus 8:20-32. This story isn’t that…or is it. Our heroine, for the sake of all she holds dear, risks what is left of her reputation, her future her life and her very soul, when hopes and dreams clash with cold reality. Can she finds the fortitude to accomplish what only she can do.

Laurel Anne Hill is the author of the multi-award-winning The Engine Woman’s Light as well as Heroes Arise. She brings authenticity to her mystical writing that young readers as well as older ones simply fall in love with.

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