Books That Make You: Navigate Divorce

Books That Make You: Navigate Divorce

This week your Books That Make You host, Desiree Duffy will talk about books that make you navigate the new rules of divorce. The books that help us navigate through life’s hardships, self-help books can be among some of the most important ones that we read in our lifetimes. If we’re going through something devastating like a divorce, knowing what to do, what to expect and how to prepare can be oh so important.

Marriage as we know it in America has changed—and so, too, has divorce. Women are outearning men. Fathers are winning custody battles. Same-sex marriage is law. This week’s guest is the elite New York City divorce attorney, Jacqueline Newman. She will share some of her insights from over two decades in the trenches with her book The New Rules of Divorce: 12 secrets to protecting your wealth, health and happiness. This is the definitive guide for navigating modern divorced and it’s full of advice to help readers in so many ways. This book will help you:

-Decide whether you are actually ready to get a divorce
-Protect your finances and understand division of assets
-Find the right lawyer for your situation
-Win the child custody schedule you want
-Heal and stay sane in the midst of a disorienting time

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