Books That Make You: Realize who we are

Books That Make You: Realize who we are

We’re talking about Books That Make You realize, in our depths, we are all African. Are we a species at war with itself? What does our African unconscious reveal about all of us?

Dr. Edward Bruce Bynum is Sunday September 19th Books That Make You guest. He urges people to come together in his new book Our African Unconscious: The Black Origins of Mysticism and Psychology. According to Linda James Myers, Ph.D “What Bynum has accomplished in pulling together such a mammoth body of knowledge and research into one cogent volume and theme is remarkable…. A contribution of this magnitude seldom comes once in a decade.”

Author Edward Bruce Bynum offers a captivating and controversial viewpoint on the roots of our human existence, positing that all humans at their deepest core are variations on the African template, creating a shared identity and collective unconscious in all. He looks at both phenotypical types and psychic structures that form and identify us as human beings. Ideal for humanistic and transpersonal psychologists and those interested in African American art and culture, The African Unconscious is a blend of modern and ancient psychology that provides a relevant backdrop to humanity and our daily life. “I read with awe this passionate, brilliant, epic work. It is one of the most exhaustive and revealing studies of Black and human origins I have ever seen.” -Lee S. Sannella, M.D

Science, evolution, and deep religion all point us in the same direction. Ultimately, we must love each other or die.

Edward Bruce Bynum is also a licensed psychologist and Diplomat in clinical psychology, nationally certified in biofeedback and senior fellow in the National association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback. His focus is psychosomatic medicine, hypnosis and individual psychotherapy.

He is currently in private practice in Hadley Massachusetts. And is the author of several books in psychology and poetry. The First Bird, The Magdalene Poems: Love Letters of Jesus the Christ and Mary Magdalene, The Luminous Heretic, and Gospel of the Dark Orisha. Plus, DARK LIGHT CONSCIOUSNESS and The Dreamlife of Families.

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