Books That Make You: Reminiscence

Books That Make You: Reminiscence

If you’ve been watching WandaVision, you understand the nostalgia we feel when watching old time favorite television is like slipping on a cozy sweater. We all adore the characters from bygone days of television—the became our best friends and regular fixtures in our living rooms. And we love getting the real story behind those shows. The truth of what really happened.

This week’s (02/21/21) guest is Scott Ryan. He is wickedly adept at getting people to open up to him, which makes him an amazing pop culture storyteller and television historian. He is an author of several books including: thirtysomething at thirty: an oral history, a revealing behind-the-scenes stories are recalled by the Thirty Something cast. Also The Last Days of Letterman, Ryan conducted over twenty interviews with the staffers of David Letterman. Most of the participants had never given interviews before. And of the forthcoming Moonlighting: An Oral History, Ryan interviews over twenty members of the cast and creative team to get to the bottom of this perplexing mystery, uncovering hilarious, provocative, poignant, and sometimes flat-out crazy never-before-told stories about what went on behind the scenes during production of this unforgettable series.. He is the co-publisher at Fayetteville Mafia Press and the managing editor The Blue Rose Magazine, the director of A Voyage to Twin Peaks and the host of The Red Room Podcast.

Ryan also once played David Addison in the 1988 homemade VHS-classic: Spooflighting. Additionally, he wrote about his bad luck in twenty comic short stories, Scott Luck Stories.

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