Books That Make You: Strong Like Water

Books That Make You: Strong Like Water

In the realm of leadership books, we often have advice on how to take charge, how to lead teams, be inspirational and effective, being strong and invulnerable. Especially for women, we are often told and forced to be tough in order to go toe-to-toe with male counterparts.

What if we could take the advice of a successful business woman and find a way to balance courage, compassion, intensity and flexibility to be respected and liable? How can we find the courage to lead with love in business and in life?

It took a series of three crushing losses for Laila to finally unlock decades of buried emotions and integrate the parts of herself that make her both strong and soft. As she attests: “I have come to see that true power comes from connecting your head to your heart.”

To be a successful leader, a woman needs to be tough—for years, that’s what Laila Tarraf believed. She prized her ability to be strong, firm, and impassive, like her hardline immigrant father. Her strength became her power, and, for a while, it served her well in her business life. It enabled her to be strong like her powerful male counterpart leaders and excel in a career that took her from a recruiter for the internet division of Wal-Mart to Chief People Officer for the company that launched the craft coffee movement in America, Peet’s Coffee & Tea,. However, always being in control and never letting herself be vulnerable bled over into her personal life with disastrous results.

Liala Tarraf, is the author of: Strong Like Water: How I Found the Courage to Lead with Love in Business and in Life. In this book she shares her journey of awakening and profound transformation as a leader, a mother, and a woman. For much of her career, Laila, like many women, struggled to balance courage and compassion, intensity and flexibility, being respected and being likeable.

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