Books That Make you: Want to Travel

Books That Make you: Want to Travel

Many are still not willing to travel domestically not to mention internationally. Now you can experience one of any traveler’s favorite places. France, is a beacon for travelers, explorers and people on holiday from around the globe. What better to pack in your travel bag while off on your own adventure, or while we wait for travel restrictions to subside, than a book about travel?

The Road to Villa Page is such a book. Written by the husband and wife team of Cynthia and William Janes Royce, it takes readers along on their adventure to Southwestern France. Humor ensues with each chapter broken into two parts, her story, and his story.

Cynthia Royce (aka Cynthia Deming) was the Executive Creative Consultant on In Heat of the Night. Thirty-three episodes later, Cynthia left the show and went on to write for Murder, She Wrote, Diagnosis: Murder, and Colombo. Cynthia has had photography exhibits in the United States and France and will be publishing her photography book: Souvenirs of the Dordogne, in 2021.

William J Royce is an award-winning author who has written for both stage and screen. WJR’s first play as Writer/Director was the romantic comedy, A Fine Romance, which premiered at the Actor’s Playhouse in Los Angeles.

His new play, Everything Happens for a Reason, won the 2020 Audience Award at the Cornerstone Theatre in New York. They work together to actualize Royce’s dream of a home in Dordogne, France, and Cynthia’s dream of having a child, and combine them into a beautiful life even better than they could have imagined.

“The Road to Villa Page: A He Said/She Said Memoir of Buying Our Dream Home in France” is the first in a series of books that captures the experience of living in the Dordogne region of France, as filtered through the eyes of an American family from a “he said, she said” perspective. Our story begins with falling in love with France, specifically the enchanting Dordogne.

We weren’t the first and we won’t be the last. The region was an inspiration to prehistoric man, as the earliest known works of art are to be found in the nearby caves of Lascaux. From the 1000 chateaux perched on towering cliffs overhanging the meandering Dordogne River to the countless plus beaux villages (most beautiful villages) dotting the region, it is truly a magical place.

The first book is a roller-coaster ride of the ups and downs of making the dream a reality, beginning with, Oh my God, are we really doing this?! To looking for the home, getting a loan, wading through the red tape of actually moving, and studying French! Finally, the most important part of making “our” dream come true, adopting a baby girl to make the journey complete.

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