Breaking the Silence: Embracing Cross Racial Dialogue and Action

Breaking the Silence: Embracing Cross Racial Dialogue and Action

Register now! Starting January 30th we hope you will participate in an series of discussions on Breaking the Silence in reference to racial dialogue and action. Our purpose is to facilitate a conversation on racism to increase confidence within communities to build alliances across racial lines, interrupt the interconnected nature of racial barriers and strive to impact a change of heart and mind to dismantle racism. Our goal is to create an environment, not only of authentic dialogue but also individual empowerment.

Three definitions that help
Racism – the systematic oppression of people of color, which may be overt or covert, intentional or unintentional.
Racialized – the culture of racial prejudice in America has changed; many currently use non-race related reasons to continue to deny African-American equal access to opportunity.
Structural Racialization – this does not require racist actors, it is a system of social structures that produces cumulative, durable, race-based inequalities.

Three videos are used in the discussions Cracking the Code: A system of Racial Inequity, Healing Justice put out by the World Trust and An American Story: Race Amity and The Other Tradition E Pluribus Unum The videos give us a frame to address the system of racism in America, to spark conversation that can engage both the head and the heart. Sessions are dedicated to the continued process of dismantling racism and the subtle forces that shape it.

All meetings are 11am-1pm

~ January 30
Session 1: Culture & Identity the Dynamics and History of Racism in America
~ February 06
Session 2: Internalized & Institutional Racism: Bias and Privilege in American
~ February 13
Session 3: Systemic Racism: Housing in America
~ February 20
Session 4: Healing Justice: Change and Viable Possibilities
~ February 27
Session 5: Healing Justice: The Deeper Causes of Trauma
~ March 06
Session 6: Race Amity: The Lost Narrative of America

The discussions will be led by Charmaine Myers Coates and Henry Colado. Charmaine is a Psychiatric Registered Nurse and is currently working at a Covid-19 Testing site. Henry has been a Duval County Public Schools facilitator to train teachers for Multicultural classrooms. Both bring special skills to help heal racisim.

Remember, individual empowerment through open dialogue is only one part of the process of understanding, identifying and interrupting racism in America. We also have to work to dislodge the place racism takes in our thoughts and actions and hence our society. Together we dismantle racism one heart at a time, one thought at a time and one step at a time.

Mark your calendar for these dates. Register now and a Zoom link will be sent via email the week prior to the first event date. Your email address will only be used for cooresponding in reference to only this event(s).