Consultations and devotions on interracial Friendships.

Consultations and devotions on interracial Friendships.

Why do people become friends? How do people become friends? How do you become friends with someone of a different race? Why cross that line?

“Close your eyes to racial differences and welcome all with the light of oneness.” These words are the heart of recognizing that every human being is equal in the eyes of God.

Don Camp and Bob Harris have put together and facilitate a series of conversations on interracial friendships. Bringing together people from all walks of life that you couldn’t imagine their lines crossing, let alone stopping to nurture a friendship.

Join them Thursday September 9th at 7 pm eastern time as they introduce us to Kim Williams and Pam Adams. Kim Williams who Resides in Accokeek, Maryland, near Washington, D.C. Is happily married and living it up with her husband, Orpheus and their 15 year-old Shih Tzu, Chewbacca. Kim is the Recruiting Lead at a Government CIO, but her passion is singing with her family.She has traveled throughout Europe and Africa, as well as the US with her family and other choirs sharing Bahai Gospel Music. Her other passion is knitting, but don’t tell anyone!

Pam Adams is 54 and is in her second and final marriage. Pam has left the company where she met Kim, but their friendship flourishes. Pam and her husband Darrell recently moved to Central Florida. She is an animal lover and has always had a passion for helping others. These two workplace friends will discuss how to spark an open and genuine relationship with someone of a different race. We will discover what attracted them to become friends and how soon they considered each other “true and intimate” friends. We will also learn what are the keys for developing mutual trust and what have they learned from each other?

Zoom in and bring a friend to this powerful conversation, the likes of which are so desperately needed today. See you Thursday September 9th at 7 pm.