Find the Book for Now!

Find the Book for Now!

We, not only as citizens of the United States, but of the world, are in the midst of a catastrophe. And while people of faith know all lives matter, we know all lives can not matter until black lives matter. One would have to be socially unconscience to not recognize that people of color have been suppressed for multiple centuries. And when I say suppressed, I mean slavery, rape and lynching. So it is an imperative, as we work toward unity, to recognize that Black Lives Matter and that needs to be loudly expressed during this pivotal moment in history.

Books can and will help put things in perspective. They are the deep dive we all need to take. With recent protests and the outpouring of support for Black Lives Matter and for changes in our law enforcement system, the publishing world has seen a surge in book sales on topics revolving around racism, black history, and social justice.

This special edition of the Books That Make You Show will discuss several books with a good friend of Books That Make You, K.J. Matthews. You may remember KJ from being on the show before and she was a moderator for the Integrity in Journalism Panel that was part of the recent LA BookFest.

K.J. Matthews is an award-winning media and entertainment journalist and regular contributor to BBC News, DW News, and previously was with Extra News and CNN for more than a decade. She is also the founder of Traveler Confidential–an eco-luxury website for travelers.

Join for an encore presentation of Books That Make You this Sunday June 28 at 8 and 11 eastern time.