Must Have Work At Home Equipment

Must Have Work At Home Equipment

As the Covid crisis continues, it is clear that if you are not sick from covid, you are sick of covid. Although there is the hope of a vaccine on the horizon, many states are going back into some sort of lockdown, which mean if you have not been working from home, you may soon may be.

If you have to have a home office or make shift office, having the right equipment is crucial. First, you have to check with you employer for specs. Then check your space and make your choice for a basic computer. Amazon is just one of the many places that you can find a couputer bundle that will work for you. Keep in mind that you most likely will need a webcam. So check to see if it is the package you buy.

However, if you are looking for something a little more mobile a laptop or tablet maybe just what you need. Again check with your employer for the technical requirements of the job. I have had a number of laptops over the years and even the same company has a wide variety of quality in their own product line. One year they have a great product, then next because of cost cutting they not be as good. Most recently I have found that the Microsoft Surface Laptop/tablets are some of the highest quality devices on the market right now. Again you most likely will need a webcam and most laptops come with one. But, make sure before you buy. Also determine if you will need a docking station and a larger monitor.

Very important to note is your phyical setup at home. Do you have a desk or table to work from? Do you have a comfortable chair? Is there space for you to rest your arms and hands properly? If not you must correct that situation or you will likely need a Chiroprator or masseuse, regularly.

As to the work top, it all depends on the space you have. For some working from the dinning room table is fine. For others slipping a desk into a closet will work. However, selecting a chair is a really specific thing. It depends on your height and weight. Many people need to be “fitted” to maintain posture and comfort. If you have to, and I stress have to, work from you couch, I suggest a lap table.

In my situation, I use a lap top table and because the the arm of my recliner is at the right hieght ergonomically, that is where I use a mouse. So each individual is different. Finally, while they are becoming less and less necessary. Some people still need a printer. Unless you have a home office with space where you are able to physically connect to your computer. I would suggest a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi printer. This way it can be in a completely separate room and you will still be able to print to it.

With all this being said, you may just be in the need for a good keyboard and mouse or other peripherals. Personally, I steer away from wireless keyboards if I can help as you never know when the batteries will die. In some situations if you must install something like bit locker, which is a way to lock the computer even before it gets to the operating system, then your wireless keyboard will not work to enter the password. So choose wisely.

This is just a basic start to your working from home experience and these choices will work with most suggested or needed software that a company may require. If a specific software is required, check with the employer before you buy.