Teacher Has Been Battling For Her Life, And What Her Old Students Just Did Has Her Feeling Like This!

Ms. Watson is a special teacher! She works from the heart, has her students best interests in mind, and takes the time to build caring relationships with them. When a child gets a teacher like her they form a bond, and the child never forgets that teacher. The child holds a special place in their heart for them because of the loving relationship, and precious time they shared. A great teacher like Ms. Watson gifts the child by helping the student blossom, and grow. She helps them discover, and realize their true potential.

Ms. Watson thinks she is on her way to an interview. little does she know her former students banded together to surprise her, when they heard she was having health problems.The look on Ms. Watson’s face when the students come out and start singing, “Amazing Grace” is priceless. When she collapses on the floor just listening to their singing the happy, emotional meltdown she has brought a tear to our eyes. Its been 10 years since she last saw them, and the surprised look as she recognizes them is so touching. Its wonderful to see when former students hear their teacher is struggling, and return just to cheer her up and show support. They did a great job of letting her know just how much she did in their lives, and how much she meant to them. Ms. Watson you did something incredibly right!