Books That Make You: Want to fall in Love

Just in time for Valentine’s Day Books That Make You has a show that is all about love…and books.

Some of the most popular novels on bookstore shelves are about love, romance, finding our true love, and being loved. Love is a concept and a topic that pervades all area of our life. So, what is it about falling in love that piques our interest and arouses our deepest longings?

We have a special podcast this Sunday, February 13th with two guests on The Books That Make You Show. Clyve Rose, author of “Always a Princess” and contributor to numerous anthologies, is a historical romance author. And A.G. Billig, the author of “I Chose Love and 5 Steps to Ending a Toxic Relationship.”

Both books have strong themes about love, passion, strength, courage, making empowering choices, and taking ownership of the love people have in their lives.

Join host Desiree Duffy on Books That Make you this Sunday evening, February 13th, at 8 or 11 on

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