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"The most worth-while thing is to try to put happiness into the lives of others."

Tend the sick, raise the fallen, care for the poor and needy, give shelter to the destitute…

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  • Ex-wife fatally shoots police officer husband as he sits on toilet

    In February 2015, Exeter, Calif., police officer Daniel Green was shot four times and left for dead in his home. At first, his ex-wife Erika Sandoval denied having anything to do with his death — then she admitted everything.

  • Three of four escaped Nashville teens arrested

    Morris Marsh, 17, has been accused of murder.

  • An accused woman skips her pedicure, kills her ex-husband

    When Erika Sandoval, 28, got off work the morning of February 6, 2015, she says she had three things on her mind: getting a pedicure, having her taxes done, and taking her 2-year-old son for frozen yogurt. But the first thing Sandoval did after leaving work was to go to the house of her ex-husband Police Officer Daniel Green where, she admitted to jurors, she killed him with four bullets fired from close range.

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