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"Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth."

Know thou of a truth: He that biddeth men be just and himself committeth iniquity is not of Me, even though he bear My name.

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  • Senator Tim Kaine on "The Takeout" - 8/12/2022

    Virginia Senator Tim Kaine joins Major Garrett on "The Takeout." They discuss Kaine's experience with long COVID, his opinion on a potential reelection campaign for President Biden, and the 2022 midterm elections.

  • Doctor on preventing polio after virus is found in New York City wastewater

    Evidence of polio has been found in New York City's wastewater, weeks after a case was discovered in nearby Rockland County. Dr. Payal Patel, an infectious diseases physician at the University of Michigan Medical School, joins CBS News to explains the threat of the virus and steps people can take to protect themselves.

  • Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman holds first rally since suffering a stroke

    Both parties are keeping a close eye on a crucial Pennsylvania race that could tip the balance of power in the Senate. Democratic Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman is running against Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz. On Friday, Fetterman held his first rally since suffering a stroke in May. CBS News reporter Sarah Ewall-Wice has details on how the rally went.

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