Books That Make You: Want

Cookbooks, what a wonderful bookish accessory to every kitchen. From grandma’s baker’s rack to every modern kitchen, there is something about the recipes in those pages that inspire us, make us cook like a pro, and of course, make us ever so hungry.

This week’s Books That Make You guest is David Ruggerio—not a stranger to the Books That Make You show.

David is a super chef turned writer. We had him on last fall talking about his horror novel, A Wistful Tale of Gods, Men and Monsters. Then again for Goodbye and Goodnight which is a love story for the ages. Now, he’s here to share some of his amazing recipes with his new cookbook: A Tomato Grows in Brooklyn.

Ruggerio takes readers back to Brooklyn and introduces them to the Italian American experience and cuisine he knows, grew up with, and adores.

Legendary New York Times Food Critic Bryan Miller says, “David Ruggiero has crafted an outstanding book: an evocatively written memoir of a special time and place that nurtured his rise to culinary fame, and a compilation of irresistible family Italian dishes, many with a brazen Brooklyn accent.”

Join host Desiree Duffy and chef David Ruggerio for Books That Make You Sunday night at 8 or 11 eastern on

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