Maggie Grout and her Thinking Huts

Maggie’s journey began in a rural village in China, where she was discovered as a newborn, abandoned in a basket and taken to an orphanage. Reflecting on her humble beginnings, Maggie acknowledges the transformative power of education, recognizing that many girls with similar backgrounds do not have the same opportunities.

Driven by a passion for leveraging technology for humanitarian purposes, Maggie established Thinking Huts in 2015. Her mission was clear: to harness the potential of technology to expand global access to education, recognizing its pivotal role in breaking the cycle of poverty.

However, Maggie understands that technology alone is not sufficient to solve complex problems. Central to her vision is the close collaboration with communities and the empowerment of local artisans through employment and training. By engaging with supporters who share her vision, Maggie aims to create a scalable solution that transcends cultural and geographical boundaries.

Thinking Huts represents a fusion of technology and humanitarian objectives, with a focus on supporting quality education worldwide. Through rapid school construction and continuous adaptation based on local feedback, Maggie and her team are striving to meet the pressing need for educational infrastructure. They believe that education serves as a universal catalyst for addressing various global challenges, from health crises to environmental sustainability, and for empowering communities across the globe.

How can you help Thinking Huts? Personally donate, talk about them with friends and family, connect Thinking Huts to brand partners, introduce to philanthropic individuals and foundations, host an event, participate in our fundraising campaigns by sharing, and find others to join our Thinking Huts family!

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