Embrace Your Golden Years: Claremont Senior Programs Keep You Active, Independent, and Engaged

Picture this: a vibrant community where you can stay active, socialize with friends, and enjoy a fulfilling life – all on your terms. That’s the promise of Claremont Senior Programs, a network dedicated to empowering seniors like you to thrive where you’re planted.

Whether you’re looking for a gentle yoga class on a Tuesday morning, a lively bridge game on Wednesdays, or a stimulating lecture series on Thursdays, Claremont Senior Programs offers a diverse range of activities designed to keep your mind, body, and spirit invigorated.

Staying Active, Staying Healthy:

Staying active is key to maintaining a healthy and independent lifestyle. Claremont Senior Programs boasts a variety of fitness options to suit all interests and abilities. Here are some highlights:

  • Silver Sneakers: Join certified instructors at the Joslyn Center (660 N. Mountain Ave.) on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 9:00 AM for a low-impact exercise program that improves strength, balance, and flexibility.
  • Zumba Gold: Unleash your inner dancer at the Blaisdell Community Center (440 S. College Ave.) every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:30 AM. This fun-filled class combines Latin rhythms with easy-to-follow moves, perfect for getting your heart pumping and your spirits soaring.
  • Walking Groups: Explore Claremont’s charming neighborhoods and scenic trails with our friendly walking groups. Various routes and times are available, catering to different walking paces and fitness levels.

Social Connections and Mental Stimulation:

Claremont Senior Programs understands the importance of staying connected and engaged. We offer a plethora of social activities and intellectual pursuits to keep your mind sharp and your social calendar full:

  • Bridge & Mahjong Clubs: Hone your strategic thinking and enjoy a friendly competition with fellow enthusiasts at the Joslyn Center. Bridge games happen every Monday and Wednesday afternoons (1:00 PM), while Mahjong takes center stage every Tuesday and Thursday at the same time.
  • Bi-Weekly Movie Matinees: Catch classic and contemporary films on the big screen at the Blaisdell Community Center. Screenings are held on alternate Wednesdays at 1:00 PM, offering a delightful afternoon escape with friends and neighbors.
  • Lecture Series: Dive into captivating topics ranging from history and the arts to local politics and wellness workshops. These enriching lectures are held monthly at the Joslyn Center, with dates and times varying.

Beyond Activities: A Support System for Independent Living:

Claremont Senior Programs goes beyond mere activities. We recognize the need for practical support that allows seniors to maintain their independence at home. Here’s how we can help:

  • Daily Hot Lunch Program: Enjoy a nourishing and delicious midday meal at the Joslyn Center from Monday to Friday at 12:00 PM. Socialize with fellow diners in a welcoming environment, eliminating the need to cook or eat alone.
  • Transportation Assistance: The Service Center for Independent Living (SCIL) can help with non-emergency transportation needs like doctor’s appointments or grocery shopping. Call them at (909) 621-6722 to inquire about eligibility and scheduling.
  • AgingNext Village: Consider joining this innovative membership program that connects seniors with a network of peers and resources. AgingNext Village offers social events, educational workshops, and even home maintenance assistance, empowering members to age gracefully in their own homes.

Start Planning Today: Your Vibrant Future Awaits!

Don’t wait until you need help. Take charge of your future and explore the possibilities that Claremont Senior Programs offers. Visit our website at [website address] for a comprehensive list of programs, upcoming events, and registration details. You can also call us at [phone number] to speak to a friendly representative who can answer your questions and guide you toward the resources that best suit your needs.

Embrace the joy of an active, connected, and independent life in Claremont!

P.S. Looking for something specific? We encourage you to get in touch! Claremont Senior Programs is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our community. Let us know what interests you, and we’ll work together to find the perfect program or resource to help you thrive.