A Beacon of Unity: Exploring WLGI Radio, South Carolina’s Voice for Peace

Nestled amongst the rolling plains of Hemingway, South Carolina, lies a unique radio station. WLGI, known on-air as “Radio Baha’i,” stands out from the crowd with its diverse programming that weaves together religious and secular themes, all under the banner of love, peace, and unity.

For nearly four decades, WLGI has served as a beacon in the region, offering a distinct alternative to the typical radio fare. Licensed as a non-commercial Class C1 station, WLGI boasts a powerful 50,000-watt signal that reaches across Horry, Georgetown, Williamsburg, Florence, and Marion counties.

A Faith-Based Mission with a Secular Reach

Founded by the Louis G. Gregory Baháʼí Institute, WLGI draws inspiration from the Baháʼí Faith, a monotheistic religion emphasizing unity and the oneness of humanity. However, the station’s programming extends far beyond religious teachings.

“We strive to create a platform for open dialogue and understanding,” says Michael Jones, WLGI’s program director. “While our faith informs our core values, we believe the message of peace and unity resonates with people of all backgrounds.”

This commitment to inclusivity is evident in WLGI’s diverse programming schedule. Mornings feature uplifting music alongside inspirational talks and discussions on current events, often featuring guest speakers from the local community. Afternoons offer a mix of educational programs, interviews with local artists and entrepreneurs, and even call-in shows on topics ranging from parenting to environmental concerns.

More Than Radio: A Community Hub

WLGI’s impact extends beyond the airwaves. The station actively partners with local organizations and agencies, broadcasting public service announcements and offering space for community leaders to address the public.

Their commitment to fostering a sense of community goes further. WLGI regularly hosts events, bringing together people from across the region for discussions, cultural celebrations, and even live music performances.

“We see ourselves as a hub for positive change,” explains Jones. “By providing a platform for diverse voices and promoting interfaith dialogue, we hope to contribute to a more peaceful and unified community.”

A Legacy of Louis G. Gregory

The call sign “WLGI” itself holds a special significance. It stands for “Louis Gregory Institute,” a tribute to Hand of the Cause Louis George Gregory, a prominent African-American Baháʼí leader. Gregory, a tireless advocate for racial equality, championed the importance of using media to promote understanding and bridge divides.

WLGI’s commitment to Gregory’s legacy is evident in their programming, which regularly features discussions on race relations, social justice, and interfaith cooperation.

Challenges and Triumphs: A Look at WLGI’s Future

Operating a non-commercial radio station comes with its own set of challenges. WLGI relies heavily on listener donations and fundraising events to stay afloat. However, the station’s dedicated staff and passionate listeners have ensured its continued success.

In recent years, WLGI has embraced the digital age, launching a user-friendly website and a mobile app that allows listeners to stream their programming live from anywhere in the world. This digital expansion has broadened WLGI’s reach, attracting a new generation of listeners who appreciate the station’s unique blend of inspirational content and community engagement.

A Beacon of Hope in a Changing World

Ernie Hilton, one of the on air disc jockeys

In a world increasingly divided by political and social strife, WLGI offers a refreshing alternative. By fostering understanding and promoting peace, the station serves as a powerful reminder that unity is possible.

As WLGI looks towards the future, it remains committed to its core mission: to be a voice for love, peace, and unity in the heart of South Carolina. Whether you’re a local resident tuning in for the morning news or a listener from across the globe seeking inspiration, WLGI continues to be a beacon of hope in a changing world.