When Injustice Calls, Music Answers: A Story of Unity and Hope

In the face of injustice, some choose to raise their voices. Such is the case with Samuel Eckl, who, inspired by the #OurStoryIsOne campaign, collaborated with his father, JB Eckl, to create a powerful song and music video.

The #OurStoryIsOne campaign, launched by the Bahá’í International Community in 2020, commemorates the 10 Bahá’í women who were executed in Iran in 1983 solely for their faith and belief in gender equality. Their tragic story serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing struggle for women’s rights and the fight against religious intolerance.

Samuel’s song, “Give Her Peace,” not only honors these women but also embodies the spirit of the #OurStoryIsOne movement. The lyrics speak to the struggles faced by marginalized groups and the universal yearning for peace and equality. The song’s message of hope and the call to build a new society based on unity and justice resonate deeply with the campaign’s core values.

By using the hashtag #OurStoryIsOne, Samuel and JB connect their work to a broader movement for social change. They encourage viewers to become part of the collective effort to combat injustice and build a more just world.

This song and video serve as powerful reminders of the ongoing fight for women’s rights and the importance of global unity and understanding. By sharing stories like that of the 10 Bahá’í women, we can raise awareness of ongoing injustices and inspire individuals to take action in their own communities.

Watch the music video:

Samuel Eckl – Give Her Peace (Official Music Video)

MyStar95.com is proud to play a role in raising awareness by sharing this story and playing “Give Her Peace” on air. Tune in and be inspired by this song and others that call for love and understanding.

Together, we can make a difference.